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MJC Farm Solutions, LLC is your full service farm supplier in Blooming Prairie, MN. We offer Channel Corn and Soybeans, all name brand and generic crop protection products, liquid and dry fertilizer, custom spraying and fertilizer application, crop consulting, soil sampling, and Fieldview support. We have been in business over 10 years and service over 40,000 acres.

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Corn Seed

95 RM
  • Opportunity for consistent performance at most yield levels
  • Adapted west to east in the 95-100 RM zones
  • Good southern movement
  • Good disease package and ear flex makes it a good fit for the tough acres
99 RM
  • Excellent top-end yield potential with very good greensnap tolerance
  • Broadly adapted west to east in the 100-105 RM zones; use caution when positioning in early 95 RM zone
  • Has performed best on productive soils at 35,00-40,000 population and at yield levels above 160 Bu/A
  • Very good Goss's wilt tolerance; fast drydown allows early harvest
99 RM
  • Excellent yield potential with very good agronomic package
  • Broadly adapted west to east in the 95-105 RM zones
  • Very good north-south movement
  • Versatile product; adapted to most soil types and does not require irrigation
101 RM
  • Versatile plant with excellent yield potential
  • Widely adapted west to east in the 100-105 RM zones
  • Tends to emerge slow but uniform with great seedling vigor
  • Very good flex in moderate yielding conditions but also very strong response to population in favorable environments: push population on high fertility soils following beans for top end yield
103 RM
  • Impressive yield potential with a good disease package
  • Broadly adapted west to east in the 100-105 RM zones
  • Excellent staygreen and late season intactness
  • Good fit for most yield environments with attractive agronomics to provide flexibility in placement

Soybean Seed

1.3 RM
  • Good performance potential across most soils and environments • Broad fit across MN, ND and SD
  • Broad fit across MN, ND and SD
  • SCN resistance with Excellent BSR
1.8 RM
  • Well-rounded soybean showing good performance in MN, ND and SD
  • Strong disease package
2.1 RM
  • Taller, attractive product with a Channel® 2000R2 brand soybean background
  • Broadly adapted where Early Maturity Group II products are grown
  • Performs across most wide and narrow rows and good fit for no-till environments
  • Excellent defensive package with SCN, PRR, IDC, WM, and SDS tolerance
2.2 RM
  • Racehorse soybean with a broad acre fit
  • SCN Resistance with average disease package
  • Offensive soybean that is widely adaptable